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Towards enhancing your health and towards financial freedom.
Water and Biodisc....

Water is an important and essential element in our lives.We cannot live without water. We can go without food for days but without water we can only survive for a day or two...So drink up your water as much as you can..

.There is little danger of consuming too much water...because we get rid of any we don't need....through urinating, breathing and sweating, we even lose water from our body without even realising it....Less water is hazardous...dehydration is the main problem.

For centuries water have been used to treat ailment...we use hot water to ease and relax sore mucles, reduce pain from arthritis, prevent swelling, lessen pain from bruises..cold water to reduce temperature and also prevent swelling and myriads other treatments...

The Malays have been using water to treat ailments for decades....The early morning water - dew, rain water, spring water, water from wells, rivers all play an important role in treating specific ailments...The different sources of water has its own purpose of treatment ...maybe because of its minerals content...the usage differs...We mostly used them with verses of the Qur'an to heighten its effectiveness. The idea of water being therapeutic has a long tradition in our culture....

With biodisc, water treatment for ailments has caught our attention greatly because Biodisc offers a new dimension yet traditional approach in..."just using water" can enhance your wellbeing and health . Just drinking, soaking, spraying, bathing, washing and cleansing yourself with it. Use it either hot, cold or tepid..You can freeze it or use it as mists...

BIODISC and us


Biodisc is made from a special glass embedded with 13 minerals through nano technology. As it is made from glass it is likely to break if you drop it. A number of people have broken their biodisc. A word of caution though, do not try to repair your biodisc using glue of any sort. Incase you need to repair your biodisc please go to : http// or forward your enquiry to : I found this site and e-mail at However if your biodisc has shattered into more than 30 pieces, it is considered as beyond repair. You can still use your biodisc by crushing it and keeping it in a tight lid container so that it won't spilled.
The usage of biodisc is not intended as a substitute to professional medical help. You should never in anyway stop medication without the advice of medical professionals.
Biodisc is a wellness product. Use it to enhance your health. It does'nt have the power to heal. Only Allah, The Almighty can heal. We as His servant should do our best to find solutions to our problems. The best of technology available should be grabbed. We are 'kufr ni'mat' if we don't.
Biodisc is a natural energy generating tool. When water is poured onto the biodisc, the water is energised. The goodness of biodisc is that it can assist in pain relief, energises our body, enhances our immune system to fight illnesses, improve our sleep and even reduce stress level.
Biodisc works differently to different people. What we wish to share in this blog is our experience in using biodisc. We wish to share the benefits that biodisc brought to our lives so that others can benefit too

Testimoni kencing manis menggunakan Biodisc

Suami saya penghidap kencing manis, baru-baru ini kakinya luka terkena benda panas. Mula merebak dan menjadi semakin teruk. Saya agak risau juga,takut tidak sembuh dan kemungkinan boleh hilang kaki kalau tidak dirawat dengan betul. Tetapi saya bersyukur kerana kaki suami saya dapat disembuhkan dengan BIODISC yang saya beli melalui abang saya. Cara rawatannya, sembur dengan air BIODISC , minum dan suluh pada tempat yang luka. Syukur Alhamdulillah, kaki suami saya beransur baik. Tahap kencing manisnya pun semakin stabil selepas setiap hari meminum air BIODISC tersebut. Lihatlah keberkesanan pada kaki suami saya. 



GAMBAR 3. (Selepas 3 minggu)

GAMBAR 3 (Selepas 1 bulan lebih

GAMBAR 4 (selepas 2 bulan)

Selepas 2 bulan dgn rawatan air BIODISC.

Suami saya tidak konsisten ketika membuat rawatan ini sebab itu ia mengambil masa sehingga 2 bulan untuk sembuh. Saya rasa sekiranya suami saya konsisten,ianya mengambil masa sebulan saja untuk sembuh. Untuk lebih berkesan kaki tersebut direndam dlm air biodisc. Satu malam kami makan di kedai, suami memakan nasi kerabu hampir separuh dan sedikit nasi ayam anak, saya risau takut gulanya akan naik tinggi.Keesokkannya saya desak dia test bacaan gulanya, syukurlah bacaannya hanya 10 shj. Itulah kelebihan air biodisc.